Thursday, November 17, 2011

No longer vegan.

I have been losing steam with keeping this blog going as my energy and health have been steadily declining during these past two months eating vegan. I have been struggling with what my head and certain self-imposed social pressures tells me I should eat, and what my body says it needs.

Because I do not eat dairy or eggs at this time, my main sources of "filling" food (meaning foods other than vegetables) has been beans, soy, and grains. Such a large amount of these foods leave me feeling bloated, lethargic, and my appetite is never satiated. I simply have not been able to feel full, so I constantly graze, looking for a food to fill me up, and instead of continuing to lose weight, I have gained back five pounds in the past few weeks.

I have been reading about diet and realizing how what's right for one person won't be the healthiest for another, and that it is incredibly important to listen to what your own body needs. While searching the internet, I came across a blog post titled A Vegan No More that left me feeling like someone else knew exactly what I was feeling.

Eating had become stressful and a non-joyous experience - a fact that I hated! I am still figuring out what direction to take and what is healthiest for ME, but I do know that I want to stay focused on whole foods.

Today was my first full day as an omnivore again, and I have concentrated on eating vegetables, some organic grass fed beef, and fewer grains, and I am already feeling better.

I will still post here, but it won't be for daily menus. I will update when I have a new recipe to share, and it may be vegan or it may not.


  1. I have to say for me as well, as much as I would love to eat vegan or even vegetarian, a natural whole foods diet seems to work best for me (and my family).

  2. Well said. It's what makes the food extra special...

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  3. hello. i tried to find your a recipe for pho soup. it's not there anymore. i wonder if i can have that recipe.

    thank you in advance. :]