Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 12 - Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate Chip Cookies Review

I baked pumpkin pie oatmeal (again) this morning. I turned it into a double batch but used almond milk instead of water and Earth Balance coconut spread instead of original Earth Balance. It was a huge disappointment. I don't know why, but it wasn't nearly as good, so I'll just stick to my original version from now on.

I also decided to get a treat at the store today and grabbed a Cherrybrook Kitchen box cookie mix. I still want to limit myself with anything except "whole foods", but every now and then I want something special. I am out of town on vacation, after all! They are totally vegan and gluten-free and I was really surprised with how good they turned out. And all I had to add was Earth Balance, vanilla extract (McCormic is now labeled gluten-free and doesn't contain sugar or corn syrup anymore), and water. They taste like normal chocolate chip cookies. A winner!


- Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal


- Potato, Kale and Miso Soup
- Kettle Tias chips and hummus


- White beans with garlic, rosemary and lemon over a bed of spinach topped with sauteed onion and bell pepper.
- Baked potato wedges


- Potato, Kale and Miso Soup
- Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate Chip Cookies


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