Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 5 - Party with leftovers

I was out on the road all day so I didn't try any new recipes, but I made sure to take leftovers and some fruit with me. Today was also my first experience at a party while vegan again.

I went to my brothers house for my niece's 2nd birthday and was surrounded by pizza, cake, ice cream and potato chips. Surprisingly, I wasn't really tempted by any of the food, and I was very happy with what I ate, but I still felt a little out of place and awkward fixing my food and eating it in front of everyone. How strange is that, though? To be eating an apple and pea soup and feel like the one that's eating "weird" food? (one person even thought my soup was baby food).


- Sunflower seed butter and strawberry All Fruit on millet bread.


- Quinoa with mushrooms and sweet potato


- Apple slices with sunflower seed butter
- Split pea soup


- Kettle corn (yes, again!)
- Another bowl of split pea soup (it's delicious, but it seems never ending)

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