Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 17 - Amy's Meals

I don't like having so many frozen meals in my diet, but it's a blessing to have them available right now. I ma staying with my grandmother and her husband and it's difficult cooking here. They have a great kitchen, and I have loads of ingredients, the problem is...they don't like the smell of vegetables. Or onions. Or garlic. Or ginger.

It makes them nauseous when I roast vegetables or cook anything with garlic. That is basically what my entire diet is made of, so it's been frustrating, but it is their house after all, and they been generous enough to allow me, Oliver, and my mom to stay here for weeks, so I just have to roll with it. Maybe I can find a bunch of meals to cook on a day they are gone so I will have them to eat through the week. Fingers crossed :)


- Chunks of Energy - Organic Cacao With Goji 100% Raw
- Pumpkin seeds


- Amy's Black Bean Enchilada with Spanish rice and beans (again. It is so good!)


- Tia Kettle BBQ Corn chips (they are so addictive and SO high calorie)
- dark chocolate covered espresso beans


- Baked potato
- Roasted Broccoli
- Amy's Organic Brown Rice With Black-Eyed Peas & Vegetables (it's been an off couple of days and I didn't get to cook this evening)

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  1. I absolutely love Amy's meals. The burritos are my favorite!